About the event

Dyslexia Show is the UK’s national exhibition dedicated to dyslexia and associated conditions. Supporting those in the field of education, parents and the workplace, driving forward the awareness of dyslexia and ensuring that everyone has an informed choice.

An Informed Choice

The Dyslexia Show was set up to deliver an informed choice for all those that attend by having a selection of exhibiters offering different services in the same area to ensure that all of us can understand what is available to support those with dyslexia.

The show will deliver dedicated Continuing Professional Development for those working within the education sector, driving standards both of those that are specialists and for those that want their awareness to better to support students within their classrooms.

Parents are all at different parts in their journey with dyslexia which is very difficult within the current education system but by having better understanding and being better informed of what you can do to support your dyslexic child is highly beneficial with workshops and sessions specifically for this demographic to grow that awareness and deliver our everlasting change.

Within the UK today we are seeing better awareness for those with neurodiversity that can bring a major diversity to the workforce by understanding legal obligations when it comes to dyslexia and other neurodiverse conditions it’s everyone’s responsibility and the workplace section at Dyslexia Show will deliver specific resources for those within the workplace.


CPD Certified Seminars

Dyslexia Show has over 47 exhibitors covering all three demographics along with over 50 speakers all of them want to help to grow more awareness and understanding in the field of dyslexia.

We believe by supporting all demographics and are ultimately spreading more awareness of dyslexia.