Seminar, Workshop & CPD Tickets

The Dyslexia Show is free to attend and open to all. The free ticket will allow entrance to the show keynote theatre and exhibition hall only.

Entrance to the talks, seminars, workshops, and CPD sessions are open to ticket holders only. Tickets start from as little as £22 for a full day.

Education Seminars

Parent Workshops

Workplace Seminars

Education Tickets

If you work in education, these are the tickets for you. A day ticket allows full access to all of the Education themed seminars, workshops and CPD sessions, as well as access to the keynote theatre and the exhibition hall. Whether you’re a teacher, SENCo, disability support officer, choose one of the below options.

Parents & Carers Tickets

If you are a parent or carer, these are the tickets for you. A day ticket will allow you full access to all of the Parents themed talks, seminars and workshops, as well as the keynote theatre and exhibition hall.

Workplace Tickets

If you’re interested in learning about improving the lives of employees with dyslexia, these are the tickets for you.

If you’re an HR professional, diversity & inclusion professional, a workplace needs assessor, an Access to Work assessor or an occupational health professional, these are the tickets for you. These tickets allow full access to the Workplace area, where you’ll hear from leading accessibility and inclusion experts. Free coffee, tea and refreshments are included, provided by our workplace sponsor, Dyslexia Box.


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It is free to attend the Dyslexia Show.